• Зустріч з представниками місцевих туристичних атракцій

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    Не знаємо як ви, а ми вже думками в теплих весняних днях, коли за нашою будівлею вимальовується чарівний фон з соковито-зелених бруньок на деревах і весело шумить, особливо з початком весни, бурхлива річка, омиваючи розлогу гору Осій.   
  • Kupala wreaths magic from Heritage Centre

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    Ivana Kupala Festival was held at Vyhoda Village on July 6th. 11
  • The meeting of the trade union committee of JSC ‘Prykarpattyaoblenergo’

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    8th of June ‘Prykarpattyaoblenergo’s  trade union organized meeting of trade union committee in Vyhoda Narrow Gauge Railway Heritage Centre.
  • Latvia Guests in Vyhoda

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    5th May our Center was visited by guests from Latvia.

Kupala wreaths magic from Heritage Centre

Ivana Kupala Festival was held at Vyhoda Village on July 6th. 11


Ivana Kupala's day is traditional ukrainian holiday, which celebrates night before Saint Ivan's day. Quite lots of people belives - Kupalas night is a magic night, so theres many traditions and rituals about that. The ancient Kupala rites, are connected with the role of water in fertility and ritual purification. On Kupala day, young people jump over the flames of bonfires in a ritual test of bravery and faith. Girls may float wreaths of flowers (often lit with candles) on rivers, and would attempt to gain foresight into their relationship fortunes from the flow patterns of the flowers on the river. Men may attempt to capture the wreaths, in the hope of capturing the interest of the woman who floated the wreath. There is an ancient Kupala belief that the eve of Ivan Kupala is the only time of the year when ferns bloom. Prosperity, luck, discernment and power would befall on whoever finds a fern flower.


The celebration took place on the river beach, where two rivers Svicha and Mizunka meet, near the Heritage Centre. The Beautiful Magic Kupala Wreath Workshop was organize by Heritage Centre staff and it was really good idea.

In traditional Ukrainian culture, the wreath, which is worn by girls and young unmarried women have a special magic. The plants and herbs gathered on Kupalo day have magical properties. Professional florist, Наталія Мороз (Natali Moroz), specially invited to the master class taught everyone to create their own unique wreaths.


There were so many people, who wanted try their best in making wreaths. It was a real delight!


Big thanks  to the kids - volunteers and local entrepreneur, who helped a lot with preparing.