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Ivano-Frankvisk Region
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About Us

The oldest narrow gauge railway in a picturesque Carpathian area – the Western Gorgans – is a unique occasion to visit Vyhoda and the surrounding countryside, to discover the local natural, cultural and historical heritage and enjoy various outdoor activities. In order to plan your Carpathian journey in the right way, to deep in the peculiar and interesting facts about the Carpathians, the history of this area closely linked to logging and the narrow gauge railway, you should visit one of Vyhoda’s most attractive buildings in the very centre of it – Vyhoda Narrow Gauge Railway Heritage Centre.


The Centre’s historic building directly relates to Vyhoda Narrow Gauge Railway. Built in 1855, it is the second oldest building in the town after the church. It used to be the residence of Leopold Popper von Podhragy – the founder of the narrow gauge railway. Not so long ago it was a forsaken building in a deplorable condition. In Soviet times the house was turned into a mass culture club. Such transformation was harmful to the building, half of which stood empty for 30 years. The other half still belongs to the town library.


It was only in 2008 that the two rooms were repaired and transferred to the local police department. Yet, the building was not much used even after that and by 2013 it was falling apart. The building was reconstructed and turned into a contemporary interpretative visitor centre for tourists by Tourist Association of Ivano-Frankivsk Region in partnership with Vyhoda Village Council within the framework of the EU funded Carpathian Heritage Railways Project. Guests are welcome to the interactive exposition of the Centre devoted to the Vyhoda nature, history and cultural heritage of local narrow gauge railway - a ‘must visit’ on the itinerary of all visitors to Ivano-Frankivsk Region. The staff will also inform you of the local attractions, help you to book accommodation, buy maps and other interpretative materials or rent outfits for outdoor activities. At the moment, one can use basic sets for nature observation here – binoculars, magnifying glasses – as well as research the biological peculiarities of plants or animals on the cell level or the macro level by means of microscopes.


The Centre also offers a nature school for young visitors. Finally, in this universal place, or rather in its shop, you can satisfy your need of Carpathian souvenirs, guides and books on the local history, geography and culture, video and audio products. In summer you can enjoy the atmosphere of the past in the Centre’s cosy courtyard, with a cup of coffee or Carpathian herbal tea.


Nowadays you will not find another place like Vyhoda Narrow Gauge Railway Heritage Centre in the Ukrainian Carpathians. You can hardly find a museum or a visit centre with such a variety of interpretative facilities of local nature and ethnography.


For instance, a realistic steam locomotive, on which you can take an almost real journey along the old route of Vyhoda Narrow Gauge Railway, or multilingual films dealing with topics ranging from logging and woodworking to traditional handicrafts or with the history of the narrow gauge railway from its origin to the present day.


Vyhoda Narrow Gauge Railway Heritage Centre is open seven days a week during the high season (April - October) and three days a week in the period from November to March. It is located directly by the P-21 road, near the departure station of the Carpathian Tram. There is also a parking space for cars and buses.

Interactive Exhibition
  • Forest Ecosystem. All About the Trees

    650 hitsЦентр Спадщини Вигодської Вузькоколійки
    How to Determine the Age of a Tree. It is not difficult and do not need to have any additional tools. You can calculate the age of the tree by using the tree rings. At the stand you'll find all tips and also will learn how you to determine the age of a tree using a special instrument - Pressler drill. This drill allows you to take a sample of wood from the tree bark to its core and accurately to calculate the annual rings. You will learn to establish its age by the number of annual rings while playing. Tree structure. Do you know how do trees breathe? How to feed and to breed a tree? We invite you to informative and very simple botany lesson. A large image of a tree with the classified cells that can be opened will tell you about this process and many other interesting things in the life of a tree. The infographics on the next stand will tell you in details about the role of a tree in the nature and our life. Stand-column ‘Tree’. While playing you will get to know, for example, the leaves, bark or fruit of an alder tree look like. Please choose one of the proposed options to do this. The correctness of your choice a flash of light inside the stand will confirm.  
  • Forest Ecosystem. The Amazing World of Animals

    441 hitsЦентр Спадщини Вигодської Вузькоколійки
    Forest Ecosystem Structure & Food Chain. Here the complicated scientific terms ‘food pyramid’ or ‘food chain’ will become so clear and obvious. Its always fun to play and learn about why do forests have so many kinds of plants and animals? what is the relationship between them?Tree Inhabitants & Pests. On the column that reproduces the real trunk of the tree you will find small and smart insects, bugs and butterflies -  Carpathian trees inhabitants. Too pretty creatures? To view them, use a magnifying glass. Learn more about their role in relationships with the tree.Beasts.  Another column offers a new game - select an animal and find its traces, find its dinner menu. A light signal will appear when you do everything correctly.Anthill. You may also play the role of an ant in the 'Ant Hill' game. Interpretive display with a detailed description of the anthill itself is extremely cognitive. However, it is just a tip for the game. Swing board vertically – roll the ball thought ant trails - find out how these little forest owners made their living.
  • Forest Ecosystem. Incredible Swamp

    441 hitsЦентр Спадщини Вигодської Вузькоколійки
    It is here the visitors learn about local natural wonder – the Shyrkovets Wetland, which ‘entices’ them to step on its unstable surface. The drawers contain specimens of plants found in Shyrkovets, which can be not only seen but also smelled!
  • Environmental Behavior. Relationship Between Man and Nature

    566 hitsЦентр Спадщини Вигодської Вузькоколійки
    The garbage, that people leave negligently in nature is actually a domestic waste. Different types of waste decompose differently, forest danger is also different. The degree of garbage  danger,  that people leave negligently in nature depends of the process of their decomposing. It is short and interesting written on a special stand. You can train properly sort and recycle waste, to make their impact minimally harmful to nature by playing game. Next - Wildland Firefighter Clothing. How professional defenders of the forest at the end of 20th century were look like? Could there outfit be compared to the present?